In China, the woman left a fortune of 13 million rupees to her pets.

An elderly woman in China has decided to leave her 20 million yuan (RM13 million) to her cats and dogs.

According to the SCMP, the woman from Shanghai had initially made a will years ago where she left money and property to her three children.

However, when her children choose not to visit or care for her when she becomes ill, she decides to change her mind about her inheritance. According to a Zonglan News report, her children rarely contacted her and only her pet cat and dog were there for her.

She amended her will and insisted that all her money be used to care for her pets and their offspring after her death.

Although she wanted to leave all her money directly to her pets, this is not legal in China, according to an official at the country’s Will Registration Center headquarters in Beijing.

However, the official explained that there are other alternatives to resolve the issue. Therefore, a local veterinary clinic has been appointed as the administrator of his estate and is responsible for the care of the animals.

The official also added that they have advised her to appoint someone she trusts to supervise the vet clinic to ensure that the pets are properly cared for.

Another official at the Chinaville Registration Center’s East China branch said they had informed him of the dangers of putting all his money in the hands of a pet clinic before making his final will.

They explained to the woman that if her children changed their attitude towards her, she could always change her will.

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