Important holiday safety for your pet!

The holidays are a busy time and it can affect your furry friends as well. Stacey Ottman joins us with some things we can do to keep our pets safe this season!

  • Supervise your pet around decorations, and keep attractive items out of reach. They can be dangerous if ingested, but can also cause surface injuries and abrasions.
  • Watch out for ribbon and wrapping paper too! These may appear like fun toys for pets, but can cause stomach upset. After opening presents with your loved ones, make sure to throw away any extra paper right away!
  • Some holiday plants can make pets sick, such as holly, mistletoe, poinsettia and true holiday trees. Eating any of these plants can cause symptoms ranging from lethargy and upset stomach, low blood pressure and abnormal heart rate.
  • You may also want to limit your pet’s treats to “people” food. Many fatty foods, table scraps, and sweet treats can cause your pet to have upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea. If you can’t resist sharing, find something simple like skinless turkey, mashed potatoes or steamed vegetables. Remember, never feed bones to a pet, they are very dangerous!
  • If you find your pet restless and overwhelmed during the holiday festivities, take them to a quiet room to decompress. Finally, watch out for those freezing cold temperatures!

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