‘If you’re cold, they’re cold’

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – During colder temperatures, it’s important to remember that even though your pets may have fur, they can still be cold.

Young Williams Animal Center Spokesperson Amber Mullins wants to remind the public to take care of their pets this winter.

“We’re obviously in the middle of some freezing cold temperatures. So, the general rule of thumb is if you’re cold, they’re cold,” Mullins said. “Keep this in mind. If you have pets, as well as if you have pets that you don’t keep inside, try to provide them with a dry place to live.

Young Williams shares some tips on how to keep your pets safe:

  • Try to limit your pet’s exposure to outside temperatures and be sure to dry them off when they come back inside.
  • Be sure to clean their claws when they come back inside. There are chemicals on the ground that can injure them.
  • Feed pets a little more than usual, especially if they spend time outside.
  • Check the water bowls to make sure it hasn’t frozen.
  • Check your car for cats. In cold temperatures, cats hide under the hood for warmth so be sure to make noise and give them time to escape before starting the car.

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