If your cat is the center of your universe, these 28 pet products will give you unlimited hugs.

BuzzFeed Shopping Editor Jenny Seitz He swears by it: “It’s a cat bed, y’all. None of my cats have ever actually gone to a cat bed and preferred to snooze on their cat tree or curl up on a regular blanket — until I finally did.” Bought the car in Spain.Self-heating bed a while ago. Soon after placing it on my couch, one of my cats crawled into it and purred happily. As soon as he left, my other cat jumped in to take him for a test run – and promptly turned away. After about a week of them taking turns using it (literally, the cat would *not* lie next to him waiting for the other to go to bed — my polite boy 🥹), I realized that I Need to buy another one. They immediately took to it, and now, they both have access to their favorite bed whenever they want!

Whenever I put my hand under them, I can definitely feel how warm they are underneath, so the self-heating feature of the bed seems to work well. I think what they love most about it is the shape and how incredibly tight it is. And the sides of the bed are supportive enough for them to rest their head on, but still flexible enough for them to spread out as they please. Although the listing recommends this bed for cats under 10 pounds, larger cats will be just fine.As Sneaky is quite large (his affectionate nickname is “Chunky”), and he loves this bed. Most of all, I love knowing they won’t get cold at night, especially when I’m away from home. Knowing that I never have to waste money on another cat bed sitting unused is just the cherry on top. Too much mana!!”

Get it from Amazon. $23.41.

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