IACS May Have to Euthanize Pets: Ways You Can Help

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INDIANAPOLIS – With hundreds of animals inside and little room for more, Indy’s Animal Care Services He may have to pamper some of his pets soon. But, there are ways you can help.

You probably know that many shelters are desperately trying to find homes for thousands of dogs and cats. IACS alone has 277 pets on South Harding Street.

Because of this, the organization doesn’t have adequate kennel space, meaning pets in need around the city can’t get adequate help, especially when winter storms approach.

So, what can you do? And, no, adopting a pet is not the only solution. Continue reading for ways you can support the shelter this season.

1. To adopt

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IACS is currently waiving all adoption fees to help you find your forever friend, although donations are always welcome.

The shelter currently has 73 dogs up for adoption. Fill out an application. Hereor check out all the pets available during the shelter. Normal hours of operation.

2. The breeder

A snapshot of the current state of animal care services

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You can temporarily help dogs and cats find solace away from the shelter. bringing up.

If you decide to do this, IACS will make sure you have the tools and resources you need to care for the animals while they await permanent placement.

3. Volunteers

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Support the staff by spending time with the animals on South Harding Street.

You can take dogs for walks or play outside, spend time with cats, bathe or help foster adoptable animals, and More.

4. Make a donation.

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As mentioned earlier, you can volunteer your time at the shelter. But, you can too. Donate money In an effort to help IACS continue to serve animals in the Indianapolis area.

5. Wait for surrender.

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Difficult situations may mean that you are considering. Surrender Your pet

Shelter is urging you to reach out first. Indie CaresTo see if resources may be available to help place your animal.

If that doesn’t work, try rehoming your pet safely before taking it to the shelter.

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