I left millions in my will to my pets and nothing to my children.

It’s no secret that dogs are man’s best friend and most people consider their pets to be a beloved member of their family.

However, one owner inside China She took emotions to the extreme and chose to leave her £2.2 million fortune entirely to her pets, leaving not a penny for her children.

The elderly woman from Shanghai, surnamed Liu, erased all mention of her children from her will because she claims they neglected her in their old age.

She insisted that her pets provided companionship when she had no one else and her children never bothered to visit her, even when she was ill.

However, a report by South China Morning PostAccording to Zhonglan News, a local veterinary clinic has been appointed the administrator of the inheritance instead, as there were legal issues with leaving money for the animals.

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Liu told the outlet that all she has left for her are her cats and dogs and she wants the money to be used only to care for her animals and their offspring when she dies.

Despite the legal challenges surrounding it in China, Chen Kai, an official at the country’s Will Registration Center in Beijing, explained that ‘there are alternatives to solving this problem’.

She said: ‘Leo’s current will is one way, and we would advise her to appoint someone she trusts to oversee the vet clinic to ensure that pets are properly cared for. Care should be taken.’

This unique story has sparked debate about family dynamics and inheritance patterns in China.

However, this isn’t the first time pet owners have tried to give their cash to furry friends.

New York property billionaire Leona Helmsley has left £6 million for her toy Maltese terrier, Trouble.

Helmsley, who died in 2007, left part of her fortune to the dog – although a judge This was later reduced to £1.5 million..

The will was contested by two of Mrs Helmsley’s grandsons who were excluded from it ‘for reasons best known to them’.

He claimed that his grandmother was not of sound mind when she made her will two years before she died of heart failure.

Now a court has reduced Trouble’s trust fund to £1 million, awarding the grandchildren – Craig Panzerer, 40, and Megan Panzerer Wesolko, 37 – £2 million and £1 million respectively.

Likewise, according to Guinness World Records, the German Countess Carlota Leibenstein Left his £315 million fortune to his dog. Gunther IV and his descendants when she died in 1992.

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen also left £50,000 per dog for his three English bull terriers.

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