How to protect people, pipes, plants and pets during cold weather in the valley.

Cold weather is here, and those freezing temperatures can pose a threat to homes and pets.

Across the Rio Grande Valley, homeowners prepared their homes over the weekend in anticipation of colder weather.

Consider the four P’s to protect people, pipes, plants and pets, experts say.

The real goal, says Vance Ellis, owner of Ted’s Borderland Hardware Store, is to try to prevent air from coming into contact with your pipes.

They say high winds can help cool down the temperature in young people, and if they come into contact with your pipes, they can freeze and burst.

If your home has plumbing in uninsulated closets on the exterior walls, leave them open to allow warm air to circulate.

During the coldest temperatures, let the faucet drip slowly to keep the water flowing in your pipes.

“For some of your outdoor pipes and even some of your indoor pipes that don’t have temperature control, you’ll want to wrap that type of pipe insulation and then cover your faucet with some kind of faucet cover and , in case you can’t find a faucet cover or pipe insulation, you can always use newspaper or even cardboard, an old kitchen towel, a bathroom towel, just wrap it over your pipe, Wrap in tape and it’ll give you something. A form of protection, too,” Ellis said.

Cold temperatures can rob your garden of life, plant experts warn.

You still have time to protect your greenery from a possible freeze by following these tips.

– Use a plastic bag or an old sheet or towel to cover your plants.

– Use mulch as a layer over the roots of your plants.

– Water your soil before cold weather. Wet soil stays warmer than dry soil, and bring any small potted plants indoors.

If you have pets, bring them indoors or provide shelter.

You should also be aware of state laws when chaining your dogs outside and exposing them during extreme weather.

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