How to keep your pets safe in cold weather

Milan, Pa. (WETM) – When it comes to pets in cold and windy weather, there are a number of things you can overlook. The weather affects animals more severely than people, but there are tips you can use to keep your pets safe.

Animal Care Sanctuary has a number of tips and steps you can take to ensure your furry friends stay safe when outside in freezing temperatures.

One step you can take is to keep your pet indoors as much as possible. The cold affects your pet more than it affects you, so if they’re an animal that likes to be outside, be careful how long you let them outside.

“With cats and dogs in the cold, keep cats inside, if possible. If they’re cats that prefer to be outside, it’s important to make sure they have access to shelter and water. ” said Animal Care Sanctuary’s Dr. Jill Allston. “Dogs, obviously they still have to go outside and they need to be walked. You want to make sure their time outside is short for breeds that aren’t adapted to the cold.

Another step for you is to consider taking the dogs outside or for walks. Rock salt can have a serious negative effect on your pet. This is not just because they are small rocks that can be stepped on, but if your pet licks their paws after stepping on rock salt, it can be toxic to them.

Additionally, pets can get sick just as easily as humans but are much better at hiding it. Be sure to keep an eye on your pet, whether indoors or out, to see if they may have frostbite or hypothermia. Dogs and cats can have one of these but show no symptoms.

“If it’s a dog that likes to be outside in the cold and doesn’t mind being outside, sort of supervise how long they’re outside, or put them in the yard or somewhere where They are unlikely to meet. To get something, “Elston said. “If you go for a long walk, just make sure to take care of their feet and take care of their ears and nose. Animals will get cold just like humans.”

More information and tips can be found at Humane Society of the United States website

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