How to keep your dog, cat safe around fireworks

HOUSTON — The fireworks many Houston-area residents will enjoy on New Year’s Eve can be a nightmare for pets.

“If your animals are afraid of thunder, they’ll probably be afraid of fireworks,” explains Rene Vasquez. Fort Bend County Animal Services. “It’s all about keeping them engaged.”

The safest thing to do is keep your animals inside so they don’t run away.

If they must be outside, Vasquez urges owners to collar and tag their pets, fence them in, or use a leash if they are outside.

“If you don’t have a tag, and if it comes up today, at least flip your collar, put your phone number on there,” he suggests.

More tips for animals who hate fireworks

  • Check your pet’s chip and identification tag for updated information in case it goes missing. Make sure you update your current phone number. gave Houston SPCA says it reunites about 300 pets a year with an updated microchip.
  • Create a safe place for them to hide in and give them toys or treats to keep them occupied.
  • Turn on some ambient noise like a TV or radio to help drown out the fireworks.
  • Anxiety vests or thunder shirts are good options for many dogs and cats. If you don’t have one, try wrapping your pet in a towel and keeping it close.

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