How to keep pets safe outside in subzero temperatures

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – With colder temperatures quickly approaching, local experts are reminding residents to be mindful when leaving their pets outside.

Even though our furry friends have a natural coat, many indoor dogs are not used to negative temperatures and should only be outside for a few minutes. However, sometimes you may need to keep the dog outside for longer periods of time.

Cindy Rart with Siouxland Animal Adoption and Rescue said that in such a situation your pet needs a place to stay warm.

“Any time you have an animal that stays outside for more than five minutes, you have to have a dog house,” Rart said. “An insulated dog house so they can go in and out of the elements where it will keep them warm, free from drafts and the like. If they want to be outside, have a bowl of warm water at that temperature.” need of

Rarrat also recommended Siouxlanders shoe their animals to keep their paws warm and away from harmful snowmelt.

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