How to keep pets safe as the temperature drops.

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) – Winter can be tough on all of us. It can be especially difficult for our furry friends outside.

If it’s too cold for you to be outside, it’s probably too cold for your pet.

Salt and deicing agents can irritate your pet’s feet, Dr. Megan Strahler said.

“Certainly, salt can irritate the webs of their feet in particular. So, when they’re walking in a salty area, when you come back you want to make sure you’re touching their feet. Wash and dry properly, or you can use protective material or something like that.”

As for keeping your pet safe in the cold, Strahler said age, health status and breed affect what your pet can tolerate outside.

“If you have some arctic breeds, they can be quite comfortable outside for a while, especially if it’s twenty to thirty degrees. Large dogs that are warmer weather breeds like Goldens, Labs and Things like that can easily stay outside for half an hour, if they exercise or wear a coat. Then you have your little ones. Your Chihuahua and Yorkie can’t really stay outside for ten minutes or more.

“You should bring most species inside or take protective measures when the temperature drops below 20 degrees,” Strahler said.

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