How to keep pets safe amid ‘mysterious dog disease’

As a reportMysterious dog disease“Across the country, local experts are sharing tips to keep your dogs happy and healthy this holiday season.

The disease may not really be a mystery, but a new strain of common respiratory diseases that spreads easily among dogs. Even so, local veterinarians like Boise Animal Health and Urgent Care Medical Director Dr. Michael Marshall are keeping a close eye on new cases.

“Some cases feel like they might be a little more resistant to treatment, but most of them will respond. It’s an individual thing,” Dr. Marshall said.

He says that while he hasn’t seen any serious cases or sudden deaths in his practice yet, it’s always a good idea to keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date and talk to other dogs in public. Limit communication.

“If you’re concerned, just have some professional look at it and just kind of figure out what’s going on — is it something that maybe they can clean up, or do we have to push it too far? Something needs to be done to prevent it, Dr. Marshall said.

If you’re traveling during the holidays, be sure to look into boarding or dog-sitting options to help reduce your dog’s risk of getting sick.

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