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We recently published An article with some ways to help people Facing homelessness in Lawrence during dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills.

Elena Alterman, spokeswoman for the Lawrence Humane Society, offered some ways people can help homeless pets along with their owners.


After a woman and her dog Found dead In Lawrence Park last week, advocates want to make sure people know the Lawrence Community Shelter is able to house pets whose owners come to the shelter at 3655 E. 25th St., 10 to 15 pets. Animals are staying in Lawrence per night. In the past few days, Lacy Rowe, director of community engagement for LCS, a community shelter, said via email Monday.

However, not everyone wants to be in the LCS for their own reasons, Alterman said.

The humane society is opening up options for pet owners by boarding some dogs during extreme winters. For example, the Amtrak station in East Lawrence is open to people for overnight shelter during the winter, but pets are not allowed. (Read more about this and other asylum options At this link.)

“Certainly pets and their owners will be reunited as soon as the temperatures warm and owners are willing to bring their pets back,” Alterman said. “This is in no way a surrender of their pet.”

Mister Mister, a Lawrence Humane Society dog ​​who boarded last winter, is pictured on his way to being reunited with his owner. (Lawrence Humane Society/Contributed photo)

The Humane Society operates a Crisis Pet Retention Program that aims to help keep pets with their families. Providing resourcesIncluding pet food.

“We work with people all the time—pet owners who are low-income or low-income or homeless, a whole variety—and we can tell you better than anyone what someone’s income is. It doesn’t determine what kind of pet they own.” Alterman said.

Ways to help

A great way for the community to help the Lawrence Humane Society care for pet owners and homeless pets is by donating pet food (preferably dry food for cats and dogs), blankets, and dog sweaters. And donning jackets. Alterman said sizes L-XXL are best.

People can donate pet food, blankets and other items outside LHS at 1805 E. 19th St. At, drop off at a table just east of 19th and Harper Streets. Staff members are present daily from 9am to 6pm, and collect donations periodically. Those who wish to donate money to the CPR program can do so. At this link.

Alterman said the Lawrence Humane Society is always in need of more adopters to adopt dogs — especially larger dogs, and dogs that need to be the only dog ​​in the household.


LHS also has a few breeders affiliated with the CPR program who only want to foster pets whose owners are trying to get back on their feet. Right now, that usually means pets whose owners are seeking shelter, Alterman said.

But any dog ​​that goes home with a foster frees up a kennel, possibly for another person’s pet to live temporarily at LHS.

Those interested in fostering puppies for LHS can sign up on Alterman said you can request to adopt a pet through the CPR program.

As of Monday afternoon, LHS had eight dogs boarded whose owners are out due to the cold weather, Alterman said. Most of those dogs will be spayed or neutered during their stay at the owners’ request, Alterman said, and one had already been spayed during a previous stay.

Ways to get help

Alterman said LHS staff members are visiting the camps to reach people directly and encourage people to seek indoor shelter.

If people who need to bring their pets to the shelter can call LHS, that’s ideal, she said, but if that’s not possible, then only 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Show up at

The main phone number for LHS is 785-843-6835. People should visit the Pet Resource Center, located at 1805 E. 19th St. I’m on the lime green side of the building, and tell the staff.

People who want help from the Humane Society’s CPR program can apply and find out more. At this link. Learn more about the program at

Home Sweet Home Dog Resort in Lawrence is also offering help for pet parents who need it. Alterman said Home Sweet Home boarded three dogs as of Sunday evening so their owners could take shelter from the cold weather.

2140 Haskell Ave. The location can be reached at 785-832-8100, and the 1837 Wakarusa Drive location can be reached at 785-856-0903. “If you or someone you know is struggling to keep your dog safe this season, please don’t hesitate to get in touch,” Home Sweet Home wrote. In a Facebook post.

‘Everyone deserves companionship’

Some people may believe that people who are outdoors should not have pets at all. Alterman, who previously worked as a social worker, said it’s a perception she’s been trying to combat for the past few years.

“Everybody deserves unconditional love. Everybody deserves companionship,” she said.


She said LHS has seen people choose to feed their pets before they feed themselves, and look for things like vaccinations and coats for their pets before themselves. .

“Those pets are their number one priority. We’ve heard countless stories from people who say their mental health would be in a major crisis if it weren’t for their pets,” Alterman said. . “Many people feel like they can’t be separated from their pets because their mental health is so dependent on that companionship.”

Some people have said that their pets are the reason they wake up in the morning. to be clean or to try to be clean; And for everything they are trying to do better in life, he said.

“You see people work incredibly hard to find housing, make a million jumps to get and keep that house so they can keep their pets,” Alterman said. said

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