How to get rid of pet odor

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Along with companionship, unconditional love, and happiness, any pet owner knows that animals can also bring unwanted smells into your home. These tips are designed primarily for furry pets, but also apply to many other pets and household odors, including birds, caged rodents, and more.

Use a wet wipe on carpets and upholstery.

If you have a pet—especially one that sheds—do you vacuum regularly? But you’ll probably need something stronger to deal with stains on carpet or upholstery that include vomit, urine, feces, and/or diarrhea. When you get rid of stains, you also get rid of the odors that often accompany them. Although there are many options available, many pet owners swear by it. Bussel Little Green either or Bussell Little Green Pet Deluxe.

Clean their ears.

If you determine that your dog has a bad odor — and it’s not flatulence, or the oily, rotten fish smell of their anal glands — then there’s a There’s a good chance it’s their ears.says Sarah Ochoa Veterinarian at Animal Hospital of West Monroe. She recommends cleaning your dog’s ears with an enzyme-based air cleaner to help break down waxy debris.

Use a pet-safe deodorizer.

There are many odor neutralizing products on the market, some of which are specifically formulated for pet stains and odors. Enzymatic cleaners such as The miracle of pet stains and odors And Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor RemoverBreak down stains and odors at the molecular level. OdorXit Eliminator Also has a loyal following.

Eliminate odors with vinegar.

Speaking of pet-safe odor eliminators, Don’t forget about the vinegar. Fill an empty spray bottle. One part water and one part distilled white vinegarand spray it on a smelly couch or anywhere else that doesn’t smell fresh.

Keep a bowl of coffee grounds outside

In addition to the strong coffee aroma, caffeine contains nitrogen, which makes the carbon more effective at absorbing the sulfur odors that can accompany dog ​​poop and other biological contaminants. Add about a tablespoon. Coffee fields-Cheap ones are fine—in a small bowl, and place it close to the problem area, but high enough so your pet can’t reach it.

Sprinkle some baking soda.

While this is probably not the best idea. Cover your entire carpet or rug with baking soda. to vacuum it up, but it’s worth a shot if you have a particularly smelly spot in your home – perhaps where you The pet has just vomited., or in that particular corner they have designated as their indoor toilet. Sprinkle baking soda on the area, let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum it up. Repeat the process if necessary.

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