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Pet Simulator 99 allows Roblox Players collect a number of adorable, cube-shaped pets. Large pets, larger than the player character and much more powerful than the standard type, are extremely rare. Even a giant pet would be the pride of any player’s collection!

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Roblox: Pet Simulator 99 – How to breed gold pets

Gold pets are a great way to earn coins and diamonds in Pet Simulator 99!

Getting a large pet can take dedication and luck, but there are a number of ways to get yourself a large-sized critter. Read on for every possible way to add a hedge to your collection – there’s more than one way to pull off a cat (or an axolotl, or a shark, or…).

Redeem a code

Code Redemption Screen in Roblox Pet Simulator 99

There is a surefire way to get a great pet. Redeem a promo code for one. Promo codes are loaded. Official Pet Simulator toys and merchandise. Click below to learn everything there is to know about finding and redeeming codes in Pet Simulator 99!


Pet Simulator 99 Codes for December 2023

Here’s how to redeem your codes for special companions in Pet Simulator 99!

Transport a huge pet from Pet Simulator X.

Transfer screen to send pets from pet simulator x to pet simulator 99

If you’ve played the previous game in the series, Pet Simulator X, you may already have some great pets. However, all this hard work need not be in vain. You can. Send pets from Pet Simulator X. On Pet Simulator 99 Using pets in every game.

Moving pets allows you to use them in both games, but This system is only available till June 2024. Check out the article below for details on how to send your large pet to PS99.


Pet Simulator X: How to Move Pets in Pet Simulator 99

Pet Simulator 99 is coming on December 1st! Get ready by sending your best pets from Pet Simulator X.

How to Remove a Large Pet

A player inspects the hatching area in Roblox Pet Simulator 99.

Every time you hatch an egg in Pet Simulator 99, there’s a small one – and I mean it. Very, very small – Chances are you will get a great pet. Large pet hatch Opens after completing your second don’t expect to see any large pets at the very beginning of your adventure.

The exact odds are unknown, but fans estimate that the odds of a single egg hatching are approx One in a million.

Look for a large mark above the hatching area. It will show Three pets that have slightly increased the heavy hatch rate. For a limited time. Hatching eggs containing these pets will give you better odds of hatching a giant baby, but you’ll still have to be very lucky.

A locked gate under the billboard leads to an alternate hatching area with higher rates, But it costs 3250 robux to unlock.

Trade with other players.

Grassy area at the beginning of Pet Simulator 99 (Roblox).

Pet simulator Encourages trading between players.and if you have some rare pets like Shinies or Exclusives that you no longer want, you might be able to trade them in with another fan for a bigger pet.

Large pets are extremely valuable, so this is a good idea. Know how rare and valuable your pet is. Hovering over the pet will appear when trading. How many copies are there worldwide? – The lower the number, the more valuable your pet will be!

If you are not sure what your pet is worth, Check the universal values.There is an independent website dedicated to finding out how many collectibles are commonly traded in pet simulator games.

Always practice basic internet safety when trading.; Keep your conversation inside Roblox chat where it can be monitored in case you need to report a player. Trade only PS99 items for other PS99 items. Cross-trading, or exchanging items for other items from a Roblox experience. Prohibited by Roblox Terms of Service. and may result in a ban.


Pet Simulator 99: How to Reincarnate

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