How to breed gold pets in Pet Simulator 99 (Roblox)

Gold pets are a great way to earn coins and diamonds in Pet Simulator 99!

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One of the easiest ways to upgrade your team Roblox kill Pet Simulator 99 Regular pets have to be upgraded to golden. You’ll need to have several copies of pets to upgrade, so it’s more common to create gold versions of easily obtainable pets.

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If you’re new to pet simulators, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about crafting a golden pet, including why it’s a good idea – it’s more than just a shiny addition to your collection. are! We will also explain in detail how to do it so you can earn more coins and hatch more eggs.

How to get sleeping pets

As you progress through the early areas of Pet Simulator X, you’ll come across Sleeping pet machine Just before the second U-turn. Approaching it will open a window that allows you to Combine ten of the same regular pets. And make the same type of gold pet.

Select the pet you want to prepare and Turn the dial clockwise. Unless you have enough material in the machine.

Once you reach the machine for the first time, you can easily access it from the spawn area. The shortcut is leading to a tunnel that opens to the right..

There is. There is no additional cost to create a gold pet., but remember that the ten pets you use as materials will be wasted. It’s worth the investment, though!


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Are gold pets stronger than normal pets?

A player inspects the hatching area in Roblox Pet Simulator 99.

There are sleeping pets. Always stronger than the normal version. To be precise, they are 27.5% stronger on average. This means it’s always a good idea to groom a sleeping pet when you get the chance.

Since you’re going to get a lot of common and uncommon pets while hatching eggs, they’ll be the ones you bond with the most. This works to your advantage, as a gold common pet is usually stronger than a rare pet from the same egg!

It’s an effective way to build your team’s strength. Mass hatch eggs are a level or two lower than your most available. Since it’s so cheap, you’ll be able to hatch more eggs, which means you can produce more gold pets. It’s very likely that you’ll come out with more power for the amount of coins you spend than if you just hatched from your high-level egg.


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