How Smart Is a Samoyed? Canine intelligence facts and FAQs

Samoyeds Generally considered decent smart dogs. However, measuring canine intelligence is difficult, if not impossible. While some dogs are great at hunting, others may be great at police work. How do you compare the two?

Often, when someone asks how smart a dog is, they are asking how easy the breed is to train. However, there are many intelligent breeds that are not easily trained due to their lack of obedience. In other words, they know exactly what you’re saying, but don’t feel it. Samaveed falls into this category.


Are Samoyeds Easy to Train?

Because they are so stubborn, these dogs are not easily trained. This does not mean that they cannot be trained. You just have to be consistent and provide plenty of positive reinforcement. It’s important to teach them commands and provide plenty of real-world practice within their regular training time. That said, their training difficulties don’t mean they aren’t smart. They just use their intelligence for different things.

Additionally, while this breed is often considered very intelligent, some breeds surpass them. For example, border collies are some of the smartest dogs around and outrank the Samoyed when it comes to intelligence.

It’s also important to keep in mind that all dogs are individuals, and their intelligence will vary at least somewhat.

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Where do Samoyeds rank?

As we’ve said, canine intelligence is incredibly difficult to classify. It can be difficult to even know what “intelligence” is when it comes to canines and other species.

However, there have been several attempts to classify dogs in terms of intelligence. Typically, these tests classify dog ​​breeds based on how long it takes them to learn a new command. Therefore, dogs that are not good at training get the short end of the stick. Samaveed is often one of them.

Which dogs are smarter?

While the Samoyed is quite smart, there are many other breeds that are smart. For example, Golden Retrievers and Border Collies are somewhat smarter, along with 30-40 other breeds.

Breeds that are very obedient, such as the German Shepherd, do very well in obedience trials. After all, they were literally raised to listen to orders, so they do very well at it.

Again, there are many variations within the same species. However, intelligence is at least partly genetic, especially in dog breeds. Therefore, purebred dogs have the same intelligence as other members of their breed. You may find some outliers, but they are rare and usually don’t fall far from the tree.

How Smart Are Samoyeds?

As we’ve touched on a bit, all dog breeds are bred to do different things. Oh Breed of prey The following commands will make hunting much better. Obedience wasn’t the only thing the dog was bred for.

Samoyeds are known to be very versatile. They were themselves bred in herds of cattle in cold regions. Unlike border collies, they were not born to work with people, so they don’t respond as easily to training and are very independent. Of course, this independence is good when they need to make decisions on their own, whether they’re herding cattle or just hanging around the house.

However, this also means that they may come to their own conclusions rather than listen to what you have to say. They may ignore an order because they don’t think they should, for one reason or another. This trait makes them difficult to train and is therefore often not recommended. First time owners.

This does not mean that they are not intelligent. In fact, this breed can be incredibly intelligent in some cases, such as when they need to problem solve.

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Are Samoyeds Smarter Than the Average Dog?

Samaveed is above average intelligent. According to most tests, this breed can outperform two-thirds of all dog breeds. So, they would be somewhere in the 70th percentile for intelligence.

Keep in mind, this is only looking at races as a whole. There is no way in the world to test the intelligence of every dog ​​and then average it. However, studies have found average intelligence for different dog breeds, and we can use these averages to find the average for all dogs.

Although dogs vary within their breed, they are not that different. The point of purebred dog breeding is to evaluate all of the dog’s traits, including their intelligence.

The distribution dog

Final thoughts

More intelligent dogs Better at taking new commands. This trait is perfect for those who train service dogs or compete in obedience competitions. However, very intelligent dogs can also be very aggressive and high-maintenance. They need lots of mental stimulation, or they can become bored and destructive. They can also figure out things you don’t want them to, like how to open doors.

So, just because Samoyeds aren’t the smartest breed doesn’t mean you should write them off. They are still very good dogs, and require less mental stimulation than most intelligent breeds.

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