How much does pet insurance for dogs and cats cost per month in the US?

Animals are an important part of many American households. According to a report by the American Pet Products Association, More than 80 million families have one or more furry friends who share their daily lives.. These pets often become good friends, thanks to the loving bonds and connections that can develop between people and animals.

This is why for many people, Taking care of loved ones with insurance has become as important Getting your own private health insurance. Here’s how much monthly pet insurance will cost you in the United States.

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How much does pet insurance for dogs and cats cost per month in the US?

According to Forbes, The average cost of health insurance for dogs can be $44. While the average cost of insurance for felines is usually $30 per month. The magazine explains that annual expenses for pet needs can reach an average of $5,000.

If you are looking for comprehensive insurance, there are offers that cover all types of surgery under so-called unlimited coverage that cost About $56 per month. Insurance for canines can range from $27 per month, the cheapest rate, to $60 per month, the most expensive.

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How is cat insurance?

Cat insurance is usually much cheaper on average than dog insurance.. Typically, unlimited or comprehensive insurance costs $47 a month. In these cases, the company and the age of the feline will affect the monthly rate paid.

Cat owners usually pay. Between $21 and $125 per month For animal insurance with a life policy and other variables discussed with the insurer.

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