How do you help your pet stay calm during a thunderstorm?

SACRAMENTO – Thunderstorms rocked the Sacramento area Sunday into Monday night.

Some residents of the entire area reported. Very loud thunder Early Monday morning, a few nearby cracks of thunderstorms led to car alarms going off in some neighborhoods. And while house-shaking thunder jolts humans out of their sleep, it has a similar anxiety-inducing effect on pets.

How can you help your beloved four-legged friend weather the storms? Here are some tips from the experts. Animals Human society:

  • Stay calm: Animals can sense our emotions, including stress. If you are anxious or fearful when trying to help your pet, it can make things worse. Work on calming yourself before helping your pet.
  • Limit their exposure to fear-inducing sights and sounds. Do things like turning on lights, closing curtains and blinds, and eliminating outside noises with things like the TV, radio, fan, or white noise machine.
  • If your pet has found a safe place to hide, let them stay there. Make the space comfortable by providing toys and providing them with food and water.
  • Seek help for extreme reactions. If your pet screams, yells, destroys things or hurts itself while trying to escape, talk to your vet. There are medications that can help reduce severe anxiety.
  • Tired dogs are calmer. If a storm is on the way, exercise your dog and tire them out. Exercise reduces anxiety and helps keep them calm during bad weather.

For the latest weather forecast For the Sacramento area, click here.

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