How can you protect your pets from winter weather?

TOPEKA (KSNT)- As Topeka is set to experience more cold weather in the coming weeks, it’s important to not only think about the health of your oven, but the health of your pets as well.

Pets can feel the effects of the cold just like people can, and Hope Herrera of the West Ridge Animal Health Center says that cold temperatures are just one thing our four-legged friends can deal with during the cold season. can affect

“You also want to keep an eye on their paws and check their paw pads for cracks or bleeding because that can just happen with ice and some of the deicing salts that melt the ice can also irritate the pet’s skin. can irritate, and even cause irritation in the mouth or esophagus if they ingest it,” said Herrera.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your pet stays safe during freezing temperatures:

  • Keep them out while you’re out. If you are cold, your pet may be cold too.
  • Check your pet’s paws and nose for any cuts or sores.
  • Keep them away from deicing chemicals and salt.
  • Keep them indoors at all times of the night.
  • Watch for any symptoms or irritation or sensitivity when they walk or eat.

If your pet is showing signs of irritation or sensitivity while eating or walking, take it to the nearest veterinarian when possible to prevent further infection or complications.

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