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Hospice of Montezuma and Pet Peace of Mind have partnered to help care for end-of-life patients and find arrangements for their pets. (Adobe)

A collaboration with Peace of Mind will help the hospice.

On Wednesday, Hospice of Montezuma announced a partnership with Pet Peace of Mind to help local hospice patients plan and care for their pets.

The collaboration will begin March 1, and a news release notes that Pet Peace of Mind “aligns with Hospice of Montezuma’s mission to provide our community with a nonprofit organization of dedicated professionals and volunteers.” which provides end-of-life care, support and guidance to individuals and families.”

Pet Peace of Mind helps patients plan for the care of their pets after their lives end.

Hospice of Montezuma will partner with local pet care providers such as Denkai Animal Sanctuary to ensure patients’ pets receive food, animal care and exercise.

Salem, Oregon-based nonprofit Pet Peace of Mind partners with hospitals and hospices.

“Our commitment is to our patients and their well-being. Hospice patients feel better when they have their pets and know they are getting the love and attention they need,” Pete Peace of Mind said.

“Pet Peace of Mind has offered the program, the LOR Foundation and generous donors have helped with funding, and local pet care providers have offered to partner, ensuring so that our patients and their pets can live together,” says Carol Baumgartner, executive director of Hospice of Montezuma. .

Denkai Animal Sanctuary will help provide care for the animals in the program.

“Hospice has been amazing,” said Philos Blackburn, director of Denkai. Journal. “They’ve done wonderful things to help, and we’re trying to cooperate with them.”

To become a Hospice of Montezuma volunteer or to make a donation, visit their website at www.hospiceofmontezuma.org or their office at 512 N. Broadway in Cortez. They ask that the donation state that it is for the Pet Peace of Mind program.

Pete has more information on Peace of Mind. www.petpeaceofmind.org.

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