Holiday treats for humans, not Fido: Doctor warns against sharing human food with pets

(KNSI) – Christmas and holiday get-togethers often involve food, and while it can be tempting to give a cat or dog a treat here and there, veterinarians say, those puppy dog ​​eyes Oppose and just say no.

Ingredients like xylitol can cause low blood sugar and liver damage, says Dr. Susan Nelson. “People don’t think about it. It could be in baked goods, sugar-free candy. It could be in our medicines.”

Fatty cuts of meat, along with prepackaged flavors, can also be harmful to dogs, she adds. “It can cause pancreatitis, which can be fatal for them. Some gravies are made with onion powder, which is much more concentrated than plain onion. They contain garlic powder and the like. Things can also happen, which can also be a problem.

Dr. Nelson urges pet owners to protect their pets and prevent guests from giving them any food. “It will encourage begging behavior, and you don’t know what they’re feeding them. There again, it could depend on what scraps they’re slipping.”

Foods that can cause problems include nuts, raisins and grapes, raw flour and chocolate.

If pets still bother you at mealtimes, place them in their kennel or in another room with a new toy or appropriate pet treat.


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