Hill’s Pet Nutrition is heading to CA for the Rose Bowl Parade.

Topeka (KSNT) – Hills Pet Nutrition is participating in the 2024 Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

The float is titled ‘Feed the Love’ and can be seen in the first third of the parade. This includes large animal decorations, shelter pets and hills, critter fixers from National Geographic, the Pasadena Humane Society and veterinary medicine students from Tuskegee University.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition says it’s an excellent effort to highlight the connection between pets and the community.

“The theme of ‘Feed the Love’ is really about highlighting the special bond we share with our pets, and also focuses on certain groups of people who help strengthen that bond at Feed the Love.” do a lot for us,” said John Fuller, Hill’s Food Shelter and Love Program Lead. “And, that includes people in animal welfare as well as the veterinary profession.”

The Rose Bowl parade begins at 10 a.m., and can be seen on ESPN.

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