Here’s how you should prepare your pet for harsh weather.

COLUMBIA, SC — At PAALS, every paw has a purpose, and therefore, keeping their dogs safe during harsh weather is a top priority. The facility has a well-thought-out process in place to ensure the safety of future service dogs.

PAALS stands for Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services And their mission is to train and provide service dogs for various functional needs. PAALS Executive Director Melissa Payne says safety is taken very seriously at the facility.

“If we know there’s a storm watch, for example, we’ll look at the weather. If we see it’s turned into a warning, we’ll make sure all trainers get their dogs. and we actually move them into the interior of our building away from the windows,” says Payne.

Special shelters are essential for severe weather preparation. Like PAALS, we should prepare emergency kits for ourselves, your family, and your pets.

Payne noted: “If we don’t have water or there are water bottles. We also have toys. We have treats for them. That’s really all they need. If they have an accident. If so, we have cleaning supplies.”

During PAALS training, dogs are exposed to a variety of stimuli, including storms. This training helps them stay calm and focused in difficult situations.

Remember, preparation is key as spring and storm season approaches.

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