Here’s how the San Diego Humane Society is helping homeless pets after the January 22nd flood.

San Diego Humane Society Helps Pets After Floods (KSWB)

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego County Humane Society is helping residents and their furry friends affected by the Jan. 22 winter storm and flooding by providing shelter for pets and for pets and families in need. Providing pet food.

Currently, 9 dogs, 7 birds and a rabbit are in a temporary shelter for homeless pets at Lincoln High School set up by the San Diego Humane Society and the American Red Cross.

Humane officers and their emergency response team are visiting the hardest-hit neighborhoods this weekend, such as Southcrest, Mountain View, Logan Heights and Shelltown, to provide pet owners with assistance and pet food. Looking for pets left behind after the flood.

San Diego Humane Society Helps Pets After Floods (KSWB)
The San Diego Humane Society is helping pets after the flood.

If you were forced to leave your pet behind during the flood and are unable to return, cannot keep your pet on your property due to damage, mold or other problems, or if you Can’t find a pet after a flood. Tornado, the Humane Society wants to help.

Call San Diego Humane Society Dispatch at 619-299-7012 for assistance.

The temporary animal shelter is open 24/7 and offers resources such as pet food along with limited supplies.

Foster families are currently looking to take in some homeless pets until they can be reunited with their owners. visit For more information.

Donations of dog food, leashes, collars and slip leads are needed. You can donate to pets in need.

visit For updates and more resources to help pet owners and their furry friends during this time.

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