Here are the best pet vacuum deals on Amazon this week.

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If you are a pet parent, you are well aware of what our fur babies can do. Whether it’s hair loss, tracking mess, or the occasional accident, keeping our homes clean can be a constant battle. But with the right tools, like a high-quality vacuum, taking care of “oops” moments becomes much easier.

To help you out, here are our favorite deals on pet vacuums on Amazon this week:

Best cordless vacuum for pet hair

Why we love it.

Hoover is known for its high-quality vacuum cleaners, and their pet-specific models are no exception. gave Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet Elite Cordless Vacuum 50% more suction than previous models, a tangle guard (to prevent hair from wrapping around the brush roll), and a 4Ah battery with up to 35 minutes of continuous runtime.

At 9.9 pounds, this lightweight vacuum is easy to maneuver and carry around the house, so you can move Fido from room to room without breaking a sweat.

The best handheld vacuum for pet hair

Why we love it.

gave eufy by Anker HomeVac H30 Mate The handheld vacuum is extremely lightweight at 1.78 pounds, making it easy to quickly grab and remove pet hair from furniture, stairs or your car. It also offers powerful suction and a washable filter, so you can clean up after your furry friends without worrying about clogged filters or losing suction power.

It features a two-in-one crisis tool, an AC adapter, and a charging base for easy storage and convenience. Do not use it on wet surfaces only – this vacuum is designed for dry use only.

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The best portable carpet cleaner for pet messes

Why we love it.

gave Bussell Little Green Pet Deluxe A powerful, compact carpet cleaner designed to handle even the toughest pet messes. Whether it’s muddy paw prints or shedding hair, this portable carpet cleaner is designed to remove stains and odors from carpet, upholstery and other surfaces.

With a 48-ounce tank capacity, multiple attachments (including a three-inch tough stain tool), and a trial-size bottle of PET OXY Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Booster, this 9.7-pound carpet cleaner is perfect for new pet parents. Is. Working through the challenges of potty training or pet owners who want to be prepared for unexpected mishaps.

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