Here are some tips on keeping pets warm.

AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) – With colder temperatures on the way, it can be dangerous for stray dogs and cats on the streets.

The SPCA Albrecht Center in Aiken wants to help as many animals as they can.

Currently, they have at least 99 cats and 100 dogs at the shelter. On Friday, they took in seven dogs due to return and some were left out in the cold.

But that doesn’t stop them from trying to get the animals a home or at least get them out of this cold weather.

“We see a dip or a jump in our intake because a lot of people don’t want to see animals out in the cold all night,” said Jed Garrett, who works for the Albrecht Center.

With the temperature dropping in the teens, leaving a pet outside can be deadly.

“A lot of humans can experience something like a cold, or if you go outside and it’s really cold and then you come inside and you’re warm, it can cause numbness and, you know, , all the different medical things in your feet and things like that. . . animals experience a lot of the same thing,” Garrett said.

If you see an animal that needs help, they recommend calling a local shelter.

“We get a lot of calls about dogs, you know, stray dogs that are usually neighborhood dogs, but it’s too cold for them to be outside. Or even cats that would normally be neighborhood cats. are and it’s very cool for them to be outside,” Garrett said.

And there are rules about leaving animals outside in the cold.

“They have to have a certain width to go back and forth, not just attached to a pole or something static. They can’t even be out, I think, around 30 or 40 degrees. And it That’s how things are going these days,” Garrett said.

They are overcrowded for at least a year, but that doesn’t stop them from helping as many animals as possible during this harsh winter season.

“If you see kittens that are in a box or you see a mama taking care of her kittens, try to get some help from them, and let the puppies in too. Come. We’re always available for stray kids,” Garrett said.

The SPCA Aiken Albrecht Center is always looking for people. Foster, to adoptor volunteer.

They also have many. Celebrations Coming up, if you want to show support in other ways.


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