“Healing Paws” offers insight into rehabilitative care for pets.

Co-authors Marina Docter, left, and Renee DeSimone hold a book signing for their collaborative effort in writing “Healing Paws: The Powerful Benefits of Pet Rehabilitation” on Feb. 10 at Concept Art Studio in Leominster.

LUNENBURG – Integrative care for four-legged furry friends will be the topic of conversation during an upcoming book signing for “Healing Paws: The Powerful Benefits of Pet Rehabilitation.”

Co-author and Lunenburg resident Marina Docter will be in a book signing with co-author Renee DeSimone on Feb. 10 at Concept Art Studios in Leominster from 1 to 4 p.m.

“Healing Paws” provides pet parents with valuable insight into the many benefits that integrative care can offer their sick furry companions and empowers pet parents to be the best advocates and caregivers for their beloved companions. Provides important information and tools for empowerment to become

“Healing Paws: The Powerful Benefits of Pet Rehabilitation” provides pet parents with valuable insight into the many benefits that integrative care can offer to their ailing furry companions and pet parents to their loved ones. Provides important information and tools to empower colleagues to become better advocates and caregivers. (Thanks to Marina Dr.)

The two women wrote the book — published by Doctors Small Dog Publishing — in an effort to show how pets with mobility issues, injuries, aches and pains, or neurological conditions can improve their quality of life through rehabilitation techniques. I can experience immense improvement, as documented. The stories of five dogs – Stanley, Effie, Sacco, Pixie, and Ozzie – and one cat, Malibu.

These are all real-life pets who experienced transformation at the hands of DeSimone, co-owner of Canine Strong (caninestrong.com) in Concord, New Hampshire. This is where Certified Veterinary Technicians and Certified Rehabilitation Assistants work as surgical technicians and deal with various issues such as post-operative care, lameness or lameness, arthritis, loss of mobility, and various issues. Assist pets through massage and strength and conditioning rehabilitation. obesity

DeSimone has been rehabilitating the doctor’s seven-year-old Blue Merle Pomeranian, Luna, for the past three years and comes to the doctor’s home in Lunenburg every week to work on Luna. Doc lives in her husband’s childhood hometown with her and their two dogs, Luna and Nyla, a one-year-old English cream golden retriever.

Animal Lover has other published works. Little Dog Publishing And donates the majority of the profits from the sales of her handmade jewelry business. Deep Purpose Designs To animal welfare charities

Lunenburg resident and co-author of “Healing Paws: The Powerful Benefits of Pet Rehabilitation” Marina Doctor with her seven-year-old Blue Merle Pomeranian, Luna. (Thanks to Marina Dr.)

The doctor was inspired to co-write “Healing Paws” with DeSimone as a result of his experience with Luna’s health issues and his desire to help other pet parents with these rehabilitative care. They were also made aware of options they were not aware of.

“There is a wide range of conditions that can be improved through rehabilitation if not fully treated,” said the former Fitchburg resident. “In some cases, surgery can be avoided. In other cases, pet parents who are told that there is nothing that veterinary medicine can do for their sick pet, can help their pet through rehabilitation. We can see incredible improvements in quality of life. We want animals to live their best lives.

Pets will be signing the book, with the same time and place as the snow day on Feb. 11. “Healing Paws” is endorsed by veterinarians and other industry experts and is available in paperback and Kindle formats. Amazon.

Be PAWSitive Therapy Pets and Community Education Director Sally Cragin of Fitchburg highly recommends “Healing Paws,” which she says, “talks to pet owners about understanding their dog’s physical needs. Let’s talk and how best to treat it.”

“This is a sophisticated and essential text for those of us – and it should be everyone – who treat our pets as family and who care deeply about their comfort.”

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