Happy Howell’s Day from the Hillsborough County – Pet Resource Center.

Posted December 13, 2023 | 3:18 PM

How you can bring joy to shelter pets during the holidays.

When it comes to gifts for pets, there are always many options. But what if you had the chance to give a shelter pet the perfect gift at the perfect time? And it’s a vacation home.

Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center is holding two events this year to help get pets out of the shelter and into homes for the holidays. The shelter’s dog population is over 150 percent of capacity, nearly double the normal number for this time of year, with more dogs and cats coming in every day.

The Happy Whole-AIDS adoption event will be held on Saturday, December 16th from 10am to 5pm at the shelter, 440 N. Falkenburg Rd., Tampa, FL 33619. Come join in the holiday cheer as well as participate in the following activities. :

  • PRC pet meet and greet.
  • Adoption fees waived.
  • Collect enrichment items for PRC pets.
  • Create your own personalized ID tags for your new best friend

Apart from the Happy Howl-days adoption ceremony, Silent Night Foster Program Places pets in short-term foster homes during the holidays. Residents interested in adopting a dog or cat can pick up pets and pet food from the shelter sometime between December 20 and December 23. They’ll provide a home and love, then return the dog or cat between Dec. 27 and Dec. 30, meaning the foster parent will only have the pet for four to 10 days.

This is the second year of the Silent Night program, and shelter officials hope it will continue to provide many benefits. Kennels are meant to be a short-term home, not a long-term one, and some dogs and cats desperately need a break from an overcrowded shelter and the stress it creates. Additionally, pets in foster programs open up space at the shelter for other dogs and cats. And sometimes, foster parents or their friends or family adopt the pets.

Information and photos of dogs and cats can be found at the shelter. online. Any pet listed as “ready to go” is eligible for this program. To promote, please visit PRC Foster Page To sign up, and select Silent Night in the General Interests section.

To learn more about adopting a pet or the Pet Resource Center, visit Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center Web Page.

Image info: Happy Howl-days Reading text. Photos of adoptable dogs and cats are inside the letters. All are sitting on a holiday blanket.

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