Habersham’s free community pet clinic serves 240 pets.

Habersham County Animal Care and Control (HCACC) hosted another free community pet clinic for Habersham County residents just in time for the holidays.

Several vehicles lined up for a free pet clinic Saturday at the Habersham County Fairgrounds. (Jerry Ness/No Habersham)

The clinic served 240 pets.

The free clinic was held Dec. 16 at the Habersham County Fairgrounds in Clarksville from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. HCACC Director Maddie Nix said the free pet clinic served 240 pets in three hours and spa Received 125 requests for /neuter. Nix acknowledged that more than half of the pets applied for spay/neuter show the need for the service in the county.

Merritt was a true trooper as he received his vaccinations at the free pet clinic on Saturday. (Jerry Neace/NowHabersham.com)

During the event, volunteers administered free basic veterinary services to cats and dogs. These services included applications for rabies shots, DIPV (dog) and HCP (cat) vaccines, flea treatment, microchips, and spay/neuter vouchers.

Pet owners who have received Golden Ticket vouchers can redeem them by appointment at Planned Pets of Duluth, Georgia.

Funding through donations

The clinic was funded by donations to HCACC, a generous donation from the Allen family and Planned Parenthood of Georgia.

Also available free to pet owners at the clinic were pet food, collars, leashes and treats, all donated by the Atlanta Humane Society.

Georgia, a four-month-old pit bull, waited her turn for a free pet clinic Saturday. (Jerry Neace/NowHabersham.com)

Nix said, “Costs have gone up a lot on our end this year, not only to put on this event but also for spay/neuter. We’re going through the application process to make sure that That we are reaching the right family.”

Selection process

She explains that Animal Control has a selection process throughout the year that leads to pet owners in need of an event. Animal control officers respond to calls where a pet owner has not vaccinated their pet. Officers have the option to write the owner a citation or give the owner a “golden ticket” where the pet can receive free vaccinations as needed.

The Grinch tries to “steal” a bag of dog food during Saturday’s free pet clinic. (Jerry Neace/NowHabersham.com)

Habersham County residents Linda Sullins and Teresa Coffey rode together to bring their pets to the free clinic. Both are fans of Clinique. “We love it,” they both said. “Absolutely the best thing in the world,” Sullens added. “It helps people like us,” Coffey said.

Habersham County resident Dot Ellis and her husband brought their two dogs to the free clinic. “It helps us financially. It’s a financial savings for us. We’re both on a fixed income,” Ellis said.

Free or reduced-cost animal care

Tanya Weaver, Director of Outreach for Planned Parenthood, explained that the partnership with HCACC was created to provide free or low-cost veterinarian care to the community to address animal shelter overcrowding. can be reduced.

Many people, especially the elderly, surrender their pets to animal shelters because they cannot afford to take their pets to the vet.

Microchipping for pets

One aspect he explained was providing free microchipping for pets. If a pet is picked up by animal control, the pet can be quickly returned to the owner without taking up space in a shelter. Providing spay and neuter services also helps reduce the pressure of overcrowding in an animal shelter.

HCACC staff dress up in festive attire to bring fun and smiles to patrons of the free pet clinic. (HCACC Madi Nix)

With the Grinch, elves, and a polar bear on hand, HCACC staff added smiles to free clinic patrons dressed in festive attire for the event. Nix said doing so adds a bit of fun and takes the boredom out of waiting.

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