Fundraiser for Bend family raises $40,000 after home, pets lost in fire.

More than $40,000 has been raised for the band couple and their son after their house caught fire last Thursday afternoon. Two pets were also burnt in the fire.

A fire was reported at 2:45 a.m. on NE Rock Chuck Drive. Bend Fire and Rescue said the 911 caller who reported the two-story house on fire was house sitting. The residents were on vacation.

Investigators say the fire appears to have been an accident, started by improperly disposed ash from a wood-burning stove that was placed in a plastic bucket and left inside the home.

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Oh A GoFundMe was started. To help the residents, Kara Nickerson, her partner Mike and their son, Eli. Casey Fathien-Barrett, fundraiser organizer, said the house is no longer livable. The family’s dog Ari and cat Pup died in the fire.

“While grieving the loss of their family pets, emotional baggage, and home, they also have to think about replacing everything they need for life,” the GoFundMe reads. “A close friend has generously put them up in an apartment for now, but they will soon need to find permanent housing and bring furniture, clothes, personal items, toys, kitchen items, and everything we use in our homes. will need to change.”

The GoFundMe says Mike is a career firefighter with the US Forest Service who has traveled the country to help those in need. Cara has worked at Ariana’s Restaurant in Bend for over 10 years.


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