Fulton County Humane Society blames pet owners in viral Facebook post


An Ohio humane society blasted pet owners in a viral social media post last week as it struggles to keep up with the number of people calling to drop off their dogs at a shelter.

The Fulton County Humane Society issued a biting rant. A recent Facebook post where he urged pet owners to “get their act together” and “be better people” with their four-legged friends.

Shelters in Ohio are dealing with a large number of pets abandoned by irresponsible owners. WTVG

“We get tons of messages every week from people who want to surrender their dog because they ‘don’t have time for him anymore’ or ‘he killed our cat’ or ‘he bit my baby’ or ‘I can’t have it’ where I live’ is out of control,” the post begins.

“The dog you chose to get and doesn’t seem so cute anymore because it’s not a puppy anymore, that’s not our problem.”

The message was “long overdue,” the humane society explained, explaining that it needs to focus its efforts on pets where an owner dies or becomes ill, a house fire or long-term care. transferred to the facility.

Humane society officials are getting angry about pet owners surrendering their dogs. WTVG

Owners of shepherds, huskies, shepherd breeds and pit mixes are pushing into the shelter, the Fulton County Humane Society said.

“Dogs are a commitment. If you think you won’t have time for it in a year, don’t get one. If you know your landlord says you can’t have a dog. And yet you get a dog, so expect us to take it when you’re evicted, think again,” the shelter wrote.

“Some dogs require the hiring of a trainer. Be prepared financially to do so! Owning a dog means investing in time, money and patience.

The shelter volunteer behind the post, which has been shared nearly 1,000 times since Wednesday. told WTVG It felt good on his chest.

“What’s happening is weighing heavily on all of our hearts,” Sarah Klopfenstein said.

“They tell us things like when they were puppies, and now they’re grown up,” she said of the pet owners. “They chewed something, they chased the cat. They’re moving and the new place doesn’t allow dogs. They didn’t even try things that would require them to contact a vet or trainer first.

The Facebook post was shared nearly 1,000 times and received a lot of attention.

The shelter’s director, Stephanie Moore, told a local news station that the situation was “terrifying.”

“We have to get straight to the point,” Moore said, noting the humane society received 10 phone calls in the past week alone from people wanting to dump their dogs for allegedly flimsy reasons.

Most Facebook users expressed joy at the condemnation.

“Pets are just like children,” said one commenter. “You’ll never think about giving it to your kids because they’re not little anymore!”

“Well said!! Dogs are a lifelong commitment,” said another user.

However, one user feared that people disaffected by the tirade would be forced to abandon their dogs on the side of the road instead of taking them to a shelter.

The humane society responded, “Agree to disagree. Sometimes you need to call a spade a spade and hold people accountable.”

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