Free community pet clinic set for owners in need of financial assistance

Habersham County Animal Care and Control (HCACC) is set to host another free community pet clinic for Habersham County residents just in time for the holidays.

The free clinic will be held on Dec. 16 at the Habersham County Fairgrounds in Clarksville from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. You must have a ‘Golden Ticket’ to enter the event. Tickets are distributed based on financial need and are available at the Habersham County Animal Shelter. 4231 Toco Highway in Clarkesville.

During this event, volunteers will administer free basic veterinary services to cats and dogs. These services will include applications for rabies shots, DPV (dog) and HCP (cat) vaccines, flea treatments, microchips, and spay/neuter vouchers.

Vouchers will be redeemed by appointment at Planned Parenthood in Duluth, Georgia. Only about 50 vouchers will be distributed this year.

The clinic is being funded by donations from HCACC, a generous donation from the Allen family, and Planned Parenthood of Georgia.

Who is eligible?

Only personal pets whose owners live in Habersham County are eligible for the free clinic. HCACC Director Maddie Nix says services will not be provided to for-profit breeders or adoption/rescue/rehoming groups.

“We’ll only be able to see about 200-250 pets,” Nix says. “Please remember, even though this may be a ‘free’ event, everyone is paid for by someone. If you are financially able to provide these services to your pet, do so. Help us make sure we have the resources and funding to help those whose pets would be lost if not helped by this program.”

Don’t be a Grinch! If you can afford to pay your own veterinary bills, please reserve the golden ticket for those who cannot. (HCACC photo)

Nix says her goal is to serve those who need it most and “hopefully be the reason a pet can stay with their family and not be put in an overcrowded shelter. can go.”

Spay/neuter vouchers will be distributed after review in all cases.

County funding for the event comes from the Howl-Ween fundraiser held in October. In the past, state grants have been used—but none were offered this year, Nix says.

Sign-ups must provide proof of residency and Golden Ticket at the gate. No pets will be accepted outside the area.

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