Frederick County shelters adjust to increase in pet surrenders, say housing is a key reason.

Frederick County, MS (DC News Now) — The Frederick County Animal Shelter is living the harsh reality of pet owners surrendering their pets.

Director David Luckenbaugh said the surge in pet surrenders began in December 2023. Since then, the number has grown to a relevant level.

“I believe we got eight adult dogs and five puppies,” Luckenbaugh said.

“In January that increased to 12 dogs, we’ve received two dogs so far in February and have seven more scheduled for the rest of the month already, and eight more dogs whose owners have surrendered. Put in coming in March,” he continued.

Luckenbow said that the main reason behind the surrender is accommodation.

“Whether they’re moving or there’s a problem with their lease,” Luckenbow explained. “Pet sanctuaries or their owners don’t allow animals, so that’s probably the biggest reason.”

There are currently about 40 dogs at the shelter. Luckenbaugh said he made changes to be able to house them all.

“There are always ways to find a little extra space,” Luckenbow said. “We have 48 single dog runs, we try to keep them open so they have double runs which gives us 24 and then our There are six more runs in the pass isolation area, so we can manipulate the housing units to accommodate more dogs.”

Luckenbaugh said that while he believes the shelter will be able to keep any pets surrendered, he encourages families to be aware of the responsibilities when adopting a pet.

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