Four guinea pigs, a turkish dog and a very grumpy cat

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Today we’re highlighting some of your beloved pets looking their seasonal best.

These guinea pigs, dogs and a cat are feeling festive as they prepare for the arrival of Father Christmas and his team of reindeer next week.

Four adorable Hampshire guinea pigs dressed in their Santa hats ready for the big day.

However, Tosh isn’t too happy about wearing a Father Christmas dress. The silver tabby is enjoying eating anything and everything in the run up to Christmas though. Here’s hoping there isn’t another incident with Brandy Cream this year!

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

Coco swings around the Christmas tree while listening to festive music. The dachshund looks good in the perfect bib for December.

Doesn’t Winston look awesome in his turkey hat? We love the seasonal look!

Murphy the French Bulldog also looks good in his Christmas jumper. Walks dressed as Santa have never been more fun!

If you would like to feature your festive pet in the Daily Echo and online, click or visit the link below.

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