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The SPCA of Erie County says it uses a variety of marketing techniques to draw residents’ attention to unwanted pets.

WEST SENECA, N.Y. — With Christmas just around the corner, some parents want to gift their little one a pet this year. Finding that perfect pet is always ideal, but What about those who aren’t attractive?

They aren’t the most attractive and may not be in the best shape, but every pet deserves a loving home. Especially the animals that are often seen.

“Maybe it’s an animal that just had surgery and maybe it’s not looking its best. Maybe it’s an animal that had to have some shaving done on spa day, and maybe That animal is not looking its best,” says Erie County. SPCA Chief Communications Officer, Gina Latuka.

It resembles Eeyroe and his giant teeth at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. But special social media posts can help Eeyore find his “forever home.” It’s a trend the Erie County SPCA is following.

“If there are different trends going on, not just in our region but across the country, we immediately jump on them,” Lotoka says.

Trends like this cat posing for Time magazine or taking part in the Taylor Swift challenge.

“Sometimes it’s just the pictures that bring people to adopt these particular animals. Suddenly, all the aesthetic qualities that might be perceived as barriers go out the window,” Lotoka says.

He continued: “There is a science to shelter animal photography. What works and what doesn’t? One advantage the SPCA has here is the luxury of a website that updates in real time. ”

But Lotoka says that sometimes appearance is what keeps dogs from being adopted. Sometimes it’s their attitude.

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