Feeding the Homeless Pets secures $90,000 in grants to help pets in need of veterinary care.

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A woman in Reno, Nev., lines up her dog to feed the pets of a homeless sponsored animal welfare clinic.

Feeding Homeless Pets $90,000 grant to help pets in need of veterinary care

Nevada-based nonprofit receives grant to expand aid for homeless pets

Carson City, Nev. – Carson City, Nev. Feeding Pets of the Homeless, a national animal welfare nonprofit organization based in the US, received grants totaling $90,000.00 from three foundations in the fourth quarter of the year to finance their mission of helping pets. Help can be provided. Owners are facing eviction. Feeding the Homeless Pets received funding from the Mental Insight Foundation, the Doris Day Animal Foundation and the Hoveda Family Foundation.

Founded in 2008, Feeding Pets of the Homeless provides free pet food, supplies, emergency veterinary care and wellness clinics to companion animals of the homeless population nationwide.

“Companion animals are often the only support, comfort, protection and warmth a person experiencing homelessness can have,” said Genevieve Frederick, founder and president of Feeding Pets of the Homeless. “Since 2008, we’ve provided nearly $5 million in emergency veterinary care and more than 2 million pounds of food to animals across the country.”

The main objective of Mental Insight Foundation is to enhance the mental health and well-being of people. Help make it possible for all people to live life to the fullest. and help reintegrate isolated people into society.

The Doris Day Animal Foundation, a nationwide nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California, provides grants focused on helping animals and the people who love them, usually in ways that are as humane as possible. directly helps. Their grants support veterinary care, food and medical supplies for the animals they need.

The Hoveda Family Foundation is a private philanthropic organization based in Washington State. They provide grants for scientific causes that will improve people’s lives.

The number of pets in 2023 is expected to increase by about 20 percent compared to 2022, Frederick said. “We are grateful for these and all the grants we received in 2023 totaling $358,750. They allow us to continue to care for more pets who are sick or injured.”

For those experiencing homelessness, as many as 25 percent own dogs, cats or both, Frederick said. The need for pet food and animal care is a constant concern. We do not receive government funding. Our mission cannot be accomplished without the support of the people and these foundations.

For more information or to donate directly to feed homeless pets, visit www.petsofthehomeless.org. People who are homeless and need emergency veterinary care or food for their pets can visit the website, call (775) 841-7463, or contact their social worker at Feeding. Pets of the Homeless.


About Feeding Homeless Pets: Since its founding in 2008, Feeding Pets of the Homeless has saved thousands of pets by providing more than 2 million pounds of food and nearly $5 million in veterinary care. Donations to feed pets have helped more than 30,000 pets nationwide, including thousands of military veteran pet owners facing homelessness. Pet food has a four-star rating from ChartyNavigator, their highest rating.

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