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The egg

Eggnog, 1 year old female mixed breed

Eggnog is ready to bring his love and positive energy into your home forever. She likes to move around the room and is very curious. If you lead an active lifestyle, Eggnog may be the perfect pup for you! She loves people and is quick to latch onto loving pets. She could go home with the right dog, but she’s not a fan of cats. If you’re ready for a dog that will give you lots of cuddles and face licks, and keep up with your active lifestyle, meet Eggnog today at Providence Animal Center’s Adoption Center, 555 Sandybank Road, Media. Eggnog is the packaged deal: up to date on vaccinations, spays and microchipped.


Jr., 1-year-old male domestic shorthair

Meet Junior, a bundle of fur, joy and curiosity who recently joined the adoptable kitty staff at Providence Animal Center, 555 Sandy Bank Road, Media. Junior is always looking for new adventures. He likes to investigate paper bags and bat on hanging toys. He is definitely an entertaining cat. Although he is very playful, he is also sensitive and craves affection and tender affection. They are known to melt in your hands and make their way into everyone’s hearts. Ready to make Junior a part of your family? Come see her today. Visit the Providence Animal Center soon. No appointment required. Junior is the packaged deal: neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.


Milo, 2-year-old female domestic shorthair

Milo is a deaf cat looking for his forever home. Milo loves his heart and is looking for a loving and patient family that understands his unique needs. He is looking for a quiet and peaceful home where he can be the center of attention. If you allow Milo into your home, you’ll have a life of constant purrs, lots of biscuits, and a best friend. Interested in meeting this awesome guy? Visit the Providence Animal Center soon. No appointment required. Milo is the packaged deal: up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

View, 1-year-old male

Theory is a 1-year-old buff-orange cat. He is a sweet, friendly cat. She also has an adorable orange brother, Elliott, who is also available for adoption. They have another female black and white cat that lived with them, Realm, who is also available for adoption. Sadly, their mother died unexpectedly and she was raising them until she came home from the hospital. They have settled in the well in their foster home. The boys are usually accompanied by the female cat watching them. Boys sleep together most of the time. Apply today to adopt this sweet boy or his brother. His foster mother is willing to sponsor a second or even third adoption fee. Apply today at pldpaws.org.

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