Family pet chihuahua killed by XL cat who ran into street with dog in mouth as ‘shocked’ owner chased after him, screaming for him to leave.

  • Gizmo, 9, was returning home from a morning walk in Charles Street, Doncaster.
  • ‘Out of control’ XL bully crushes small pet dog’s skull causing severe brain injury

This is Piri’s first picture. The Chihuahua died. From yesterday one XL Rogue.

Little Gizmo was just meters from his home when the ‘out of control’ beast escaped from a nearby property and closed its jaws around him, crushing his skull in the process.

The nine-year-old was returning from a morning walk with his owner Lisia Skye’s mother in Charles Street, Skellow, Doncaster, when he was attacked.

Heartbroken Lesia, 18, exclusively told MailOnline how her family had been devastated by Gizmo’s death just days earlier. Christmas.

She said she was screaming and chasing the hound down the street with the little pooch hanging from its mouth.

Lisia said she managed to free her beloved pet from the rabid mutt’s jaws and then carried its limp body down the street before heading to nearby animals.

Although they hoped Gizmo would survive, the family was given the devastating news that he had suffered a brain injury, leaving them with no choice but to make the heartbreaking decision to put him down. Do it.

Chihuahua Gizmo, 9, who was mauled to death by an XL bully just meters from his home in Charles Street, Skellow, Doncaster.
The ‘out of control’ XL cat had little Gizmo locked in its jaws and ran down the street with the little pooch dangling from its mouth.

Lysia was inside the house with her 15-year-old brother when she heard her mother’s screams at around 10.20am yesterday.

She described the terrifying moment she ran outside and saw an XL cat with Gizmo in its mouth.

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‘It was absolutely painful,’ she told Mail Online.

‘He wasn’t shaking it – I think he had already shaken it. I got to the end of the driveway and ran down the street (after the XL cat) and at the end of the street we were all fighting and trying to get Gizmo out of his mouth.

‘The amount of screaming from me and my mum… and then we managed to get it out of her mouth and I ran down the street begging for someone to take her to the vets.’

Gizmo was taken to a vet about five to ten minutes away and Lisia initially thought he might pull through.

But then the family was given the earth-shattering news that Gizmo had suffered a severe brain injury and a crushed skull.

‘Gizmo could hear us but he couldn’t move or blink or anything,’ Lisia added.

‘There was no other choice and the human task was to put it down.’

Gizmo was one of five family pet dogs, with another – Bestie – now also traumatized after being bitten by the XL bully.

Lisia said that her sibling was the most affected by Gizmo’s death and that the two share a special bond.

‘He was our first Chihuahua and we got him when he was a puppy,’ she said.

‘He was an amazing dog. He was very kind and hugged you. My 15 year old brother and Gizmo were best friends and this has destroyed him more than anything.

‘He was just such an amazing dog and so sweet.’

Armed officers were called and captured the XL cat, which was believed to have escaped from a nearby property a few doors down from the Skies’ family home.

(Photo: stock image of an American XL cat) Mutt was captured by armed officers. A 22-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman who were arrested have been released on bail.

A 22-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman who were arrested on suspicion of owning a dog dangerously out of control have since been released on bail.

MailOnline has contacted South Yorkshire Police to ask if the XL Bully has been destroyed.

The attack comes just days before the breed was added to the list of banned dogs in England and Wales.

The legislation will come into effect on December 31. XL Rogue owners will have to apply to have their pets exempted from the crackdown – which means they will have to pay £92.40 for a certificate and the dog will need to be microchipped and neutered. Rules


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