Expert platform JustAnswer launches Pearl for Pet GPT, a ChatGPT add-on that rates the accuracy of AI-generated answers to pet-related questions.

Pet owners can get a free “TrustScore” score rating and connect with live, humane veterinarians and other animal behavior experts for more personalized help when needed.

San Francisco, December 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JustAnswer, the world’s largest expert platform, today announced the launch of Pearls for pets GPTa ChatGPT add-on that enables verified and vetted, human veterinarians and animal behaviorists to evaluate the accuracy of answers to AI-generated, pet-related questions. Classify.

Pearl for Pets will serve as an add-on to ChatGPT and will combine ChatGPT’s capabilities with JustAnswer’s 12,000+ human expert network to help pet concerns when using ChatGPT. Providing owners with an easy and seamless way to achieve peace of mind. Now, anyone with a ChatGPT Plus subscription who uses the Pearl for Pets GPT and receives a chat response to a pet-related question will automatically ask them if they want their conversation. A review should be done by a JustAnswer veterinarian or animal behaviorist. Free If they answer yes, they will receive a “trust score” for the answer to the question, from 1 (the lowest level of confidence in its accuracy) to 5 (the highest rating of accuracy). If users are concerned about their ChatGPT answer based on the score, they can connect to JustAnswer for more detailed, personalized information about their specific query one-on-one with a live vet and animal behaviorist. can talk

At JustAnswer, we understand how much people love their beloved family members. Almost since we launched the platform over twenty years ago, pets have consistently been one of the most popular categories,” explained JustAnswer’s CEO. Andy Kurtzg. “Given how crazy people are about their pets, it’s understandable that a lot of people are starting to turn to tools like ChatGPT to help with all kinds of problems. However, unfortunately ChatGPT doesn’t let you can give wrong or harmful advice that can harm or even kill your pets. Now with this Pearl for Pets GPT, ask your AI before acting on it. is an easy way to assess the reliability of the responses produced.”

JustAnswer has been connecting consumers with verified and vetted professionals online since 2003 and has helped millions of people find the right answers to their life’s problems. The site has nearly 12,000 experts in over 150 categories including health, legal, finance, veterinary, tech, home improvement and more. Pets are one of the site’s most popular categories, with veterinarians and animal behaviorists answering 330,000+ animal questions in 2023 alone.

According to Kurtzig, Pearl for Pets is just the first of many categories JustAnswer is planning for the Pearl GPT feature, with plans to roll out additional verticals in the next year.

For more information about Pearl for Pets or to watch a video showing how it works, please visit Or try it.

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