Everything you need to know about pet gift trends in 2024.

According to the 2023-2024 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, by 2023, 66 percent of American households, or approximately 86.9 million families, will own a pet. That percentage is up from 56 percent of households in 1988, the survey’s first year, but down from its 2021-2022 survey as the pandemic spurred pet ownership. According to a 2022 report on the costs of pet ownership from pet-sitting platform Rover, 36 percent of pet parents said the cost of a pet kept them from getting one in the first place or from getting an additional pet. Blocked from receiving. Despite these rising costs, Americans who have made the jump to pet parenthood will still spend on products that better align with their values ​​and include pet care in their spending. Will prefer.

Special for pets

On the human gift-giving side, pet lovers will continue to show off their animal companions, making personalized pet-themed gifts a favorite among pet owners of all types.

Often accompanied by funny phrases or stories about pet ownership, tea towels, magnets, home decor pieces, mugs, jewelry and more offer personalization options — including pet Space is available for owners to fill in their pet’s name or add a photo of their pet. Get land in all gift categories. Gifts that offer a variety of pets, including more exotic pets such as snakes, lizards and birds, will continue to gain popularity in their designs, along with cat colors and dog breeds.

Shopping with a purpose

Keeping pace with human health-conscious trends, pet lovers are concerned about the health of their animal companions, and will buy accordingly in 2024.

Despite the added expense, 54 percent of dog parents in Rover’s True Cost of Pet Parenthood study noted that they prefer nutritious and fresh ingredients for their dog’s food, and another 28 percent “green” and eco-friendly. Pet products are in favor. In response to “epidemic dogs” and other pets who are having trouble adjusting to pet parents who are moving out of the home again, developed to deal with pet anxiety. The products are in high demand, with 60 percent of pet parents surveyed by Rover having purchased comfort and enrichment toys and calming treats for their pets in the past. Pet treats with approved levels of CBD are also becoming increasingly sought after to help keep your furry friends calm during storms, hurricanes and other heightened events.

Think practically when it comes down to it. Stocking up on pet gifts: Enrichment toys and feeders that encourage pets to solve problems, treats and treats that promote health and wellness, and pet collars, leashes, bedding and eco-friendly clothing and dyes. Other soft things made will be key.

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