Entrepreneur Julie McNamara found success by picking up pet waste

Call Poop Scooper when you can’t toilet train a pet.

She is a teacher – with an unusual second job.

“As a child, I was obsessed with animals, especially dogs,” notes Julie McNamara. “I didn’t think I had the science stuff to be a doctor, so I didn’t pursue a career with animals, but it was still my dream to someday own a pet business. “

Today, McNamara lives in Marion County, Edison and Mt. Off Doody is the owner and president of Pet Waste Solutions for pet owners in Gilead.

“I handle our marketing, onboarding, letterbox preparation, and bookkeeping,” she explained. “I’m also our chief meme maker – the jokes practically write themselves.”

McNamara grew up in Wyandot and Crawford counties, graduated from Bucyrus High School in 1998, earned a degree in psychology from OSUM in 1999, then went on to earn a master’s in education from the University of Dayton.

“I love helping people,” she said, “so I spent 17 years as a social worker in Marion. While I enjoyed the field, I had the opportunity to transition into teaching in 2020. I had always thought about teaching but never thought the time was right for a career change.

McNamara now teaches middle and high school special education at TRECA Digital Academy while also running Off-Doddy Pet Waste Solutions.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have the support of my husband, Ian,” she said. “I am able to teach my amazing students while still fulfilling my love of pets and my passion for business.

McNamara continued, “Having owned pets almost all of our lives, Ian and I are experts at caring for and feeding cats and dogs. We’ve tried bribing our kids to pick up the mess, we Have you considered toilet training your pet for fun, you name it. When it comes to pet poop, we’ve got it covered.

A look at the door on a spring day, and Off Doody was born.

“As a busy family,” she added, “we all struggle with kids, jobs, errands, etc. So we knew other pet owners probably felt the same way. And would welcome a service that would take care of the pope so he wouldn’t have to. One day in the early spring of 2022, I peered out the back door at the melting snow and sighed as I saw That dog poop is slowly rolling in. I wondered if this was a service people would be willing to pay for, and Off Doody was born in just a few days.

“I was fortunate to have Ian on board immediately, and we officially launched on March 3, 2022,” McNamara said. “The business has taken off, and Ian is now our primary pup tech in the field, while I handle our marketing, onboarding, letterbox preparation and bookkeeping.”

Tony Cornwell Fisher is a longtime friend.

“I believe Julie provides a valuable service,” Cornwell Fisher assessed. “I believe these services can be extremely helpful for seniors, pregnant women, families and people with busy lives, really any pet owner. They not only provide services for dog waste but They also make litter boxes for the cats. Not only are they helping people clean up their yards, they also leave little treats for the dogs and cats as another thoughtful gesture.

“I love providing service to pet owners in my community,” McNamara said. “I enjoy hearing from happy customers who appreciate taking some time back out of their days and having a yard they can enjoy — and clean trash cans.”

For more information on off-duty pet waste solutions, visit offdoodypetwaste.com.

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