Eguma unveils a revolutionary pet care innovation with the launch of its innovative Eguma-CP1 enclosure.

Eguma unveils a revolutionary pet care innovation with the launch of its innovative Eguma-CP1 enclosure.

Founded in 2020, Eguma Pet Ecology is at the forefront of contemporary pet care with the Eguma-CP1 all-in-one enclosure, which includes UVB light, airflow, warmth care, cool night and gradient daylight functions. are Their commitment extends to the wireless-enabled, durable SP-board material, redefining pet life for a pleasant, stress-free ownership experience.

NEW YORK, NY –(Newsfile Corp. – Dec. 25, 2023) – Established in 2020, Eguma Pet Ecology Company has quickly emerged as a major force in the pet care industry. Rooted in a deep understanding of the market, Egoma It aims to provide pet owners with innovative, convenient and comfortable pet care equipment and accessories. Beyond just products, Eguma envisions a redefining of the entire pet lifestyle, aspiring to create spaces that emulate the natural environment for urban pets.

Eguma unveils a revolutionary pet care innovation with the launch of its innovative eguma-CP1 enclosure.

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Eguma is committed to modernizing pet enclosures, seeking a balance between comprehensive functionality, easy installation, and natural appeal. Their ultimate goal is to develop enclosures that mimic a changing climate throughout the year, even providing winter comfort for indoor pets, providing the most authentic natural experience for urban pets. are

Eguma products are suitable for reptiles, small mammals, insects, small pets, offspring, or pets that require special care. Each design has been developed to provide the best pet care, ensuring that owners can easily enjoy the joys of pet ownership – be it shared moments, warmth Have companionship or quiet relationships.

The Aguma team strongly believes that every pet deserves the best treatment possible. After two years of dedicated research and development, they proudly introduce the first multifunctional enclosure. Eguma-CP1 All-in-one enclosure. This launch marks a fresh definition of pet lifestyle, with the Eguma-CP1 pet care having six functions: Cool Night, Warmth Care, UVB Light, LED Light, Gradient Daylight , and airflow, all carefully designed to offer comprehensive care.

Main Features:

  • UVB Light Function: Provides pets with essential growth light in the 280~310nm range, stimulating D3 production and increasing calcium absorption.

  • Airflow Function: Provides a refreshing breeze, allowing pets to experience natural airflow.

  • Heat Care Function: Designed with bottom heating, creates a warm environment to protect pets from cold and enhance vitality.

  • Cool Night Function: Automatically lowers the temperature at night, simulating outdoor temperature changes, creating a comfortable environment for pets.

  • Gradient Daylight Function: Inside the wall is a natural sunrise and sunset mirror, with LED lights changing gradually, providing an evolving natural light experience.

The enclosure also features wireless powering, specially designed for multi-pet enthusiasts, eliminating the hassle of wires and ensuring a more convenient and comfortable pet ownership experience. Is. Specially designed Spboard material resists scratches and falls, outperforms traditional glass and acrylic products, leaves no marks from pet claws or spikes. Emphasizing environmental responsibility, Eguma’s full power operation consumes ≤27W, which is a 60% power saving compared to similar products.

Eguma advocates for pet owners to provide the best care for their pets, making pet ownership a pleasant and stress-free experience. Eguma is not just a brand; It marks a high innovation in pet life. Through this coverage, they hope to push the Eguma brand into a wider online space, ensuring that anyone looking for pet care products discovers Eguma and their Experience the innovation and care offered.

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