Efforts to abandon pets in New York continue.

Animal shelters across New York State are overflowing. Shelters say one reason for this is the increase in pet abandonment.

Sweetie Pie was found outside on her own and is now up for adoption at Lollypop Farm Humane Society of Greater Rochester.

What do you want to know?

  • Amid an increase in reported cases there is an effort to relinquish pets and keep dogs with their families.
  • Lollypop Farms offers help and guidance.
  • If a pet must be given up, it must be done legally, in person with a humane society, shelter or certified rescue group.

Law enforcement at Lollypop isn’t sure if Sweetie Pie was abandoned like her two friends who still live here. They were found in a crate outside a local veterinary hospital.

“We’re getting a lot of animals dumped in places as well as here,” said Reno Di Domenico, Lollipop Farm’s vice president of law enforcement. “We release a lot of animals here, too. So it’s a community-wide thing.”

They say even though the dogs were left outside the vet’s office it’s still illegal.

“Regardless of whether it’s here or out in the general public, it’s a misdemeanor offense to leave an animal unattended in a location,” DiDomenico said. “Even if they bring the animal here, it’s a crime, especially if it’s after hours. You need to hand the animal over to someone who is competent or at least let someone know that you are.” has left the animal in their care.

Lollipop Farm says there are many reasons why pet owners give up their pets.

“But there are a lot of resources,” said Ashley Zea, Lollipop Farm’s director of communications. “So if you’re struggling, if you’re having a challenge with raising a pet because they’re always going to have a bump or two. The road and some are bigger than others and we’re here to help.

Organizations, including Lollypop Farm, offer many options to help you keep your beloved pet if you’re struggling.

“Our Department of the Interior, they consult with one, help people keep their pets whenever possible,” Zia said. “Our pet pantry has given away 20,000 pounds of food this year alone. So, if it’s financial support, we’re there. If it’s a real emergency, you know we’re there for that, too.”

If you must release your dog – there is a safe and legal way.

“So, the legal procedure would be to contact Lollipop Farm or another local shelter with a certified New York State rescue, let them know you want to give up their animal,” DiDomenico said. said

“So, it’s really important to work with us so that we can help you,” Zia said.

And it’s great for your dog. Lollypop says the two dogs have left and Sweetie Pie is doing well.

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