Dr. Bray Dr. makes a house call.

DOVER — Dr. Bree Dechter, a local veterinarian, said choosing euthanasia is the hardest decision for anyone who loves a pet.

She offers a way to ease the trauma a little — for the pet and the family. Seacoast Home Euthanasia is a service she brings into the homes of pet owners, a way to help everyone be a little more comfortable and offers compassionate solutions for end-of-life care.

“A lot of people along the coast don’t even know that home euthanasia is something that’s offered,” said Dector, who lives in Dover and works as a staff veterinarian at Sagamore Animal Hospital in Rye. Home euthanasia service is her passion and separate from her day job.

“Most of our pets these days are treated like family,” she said. “When our pets get older, we choose to allow them to go through human desires. Taking our pets to a sterile hospital, putting them on a cold table, hearing horrible sounds and smells, All of these can cause panic and anxiety for both the animal and their owner.”

With household pets, family pets can be comfortable in their beds or outside, Dichter said. She currently serves pet parents of dogs and cats.

“I’ve done euthanasia in the woods, in a closet, under a table,” she said. “Wherever my patients are happiest. It’s a beautiful gift to be able to move in the comfort of their own home. Many people I meet are surprised that this service even exists. I love every pet. I would love to provide this comfort. Losing a pet lives with you, and I am honored to provide this service.”

Dichter has been a veterinarian for 10 years. She said she has received additional training to be able to offer home service.

“I’ve always had a passion for treating geriatric pets,” she said. “I love palliative and hospice care. When it comes time to make that decision, I’m proud if I can make it easier for everyone involved.”

Dektor has been doing this for almost two years. She said she would travel within reason and had been to Hampton, Salem and York, Maine.

“I go home alone,” she said. “I don’t bring in a technician. I want as little disruption as possible, a calm, quiet, peaceful environment for the whole family. I swear to do no harm, to remove suffering and I I see this service as one-on-one. Part of this oath. There is so much love between pets and their owners. I do it for the love.”

Dr. is a native of Massachusetts. He attended Northeastern University in Boston and completed his studies at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dichter’s service can cost anywhere from $400-$800 depending on the size of the pet, his fee, driving time, transportation and cremation costs.

“I think his personal comfort means a lot to a family,” she said. “I believe it’s better for the animal, and I really do it because I want to comfort the family through this terrible event in their lives.”

To learn more, email Dichter. hello@seacoasthousevet.com or visit seacoasthousevet.com.

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