Don’t forget the pets when donating to food banks

Dear Annie: I would like to add to this letter about the continuation of the holidays. I have a good friend who volunteers at our local food bank.

A few years ago, he told me a story about an old gentleman who came to find food for his cat. He only had a few pouches of tuna, which he gave her. The story stuck with me.

I know how important pets are, especially to the elderly, and I thought there were people who would go to bed hungry to feed their pets.

So since then, I donate small bags of dog and cat food to the food bank every month. I would encourage others to check with their local food bank and see if there is a need for pet food. And perhaps it will also ease the burden on our shelters, as if people have access to pet food, they won’t have to make the heartbreaking choice of surrendering their beloved pets. . — Think about pets

Favorite pets: Thank you for your letter. You make such an important point, that caring for our own four-legged pets, and helping all pet owners, is a wonderful gift to give year round.

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