Dogwood Animal Shelter Offers Help for Outdoor Pets – News/Talk KRMS

If you think this weather and bitter temperatures are unpleasant for you, animal shelters in the Lake District are reminding you that the same is true for most of our outdoor pets.

Dogwood Animal Shelter Manager Alan Cain says the animals can’t stay outside, but at least they can get some relief from the cold inside.

Very Fortunate That mine kennel the floor are Hot, So That Really helps when This Gets So cold And We Found Cement the floor On atleast We they know That gave dogs Are not lay down On a cold Cement the floor.”

Ken also says that living in a shelter isn’t necessarily the best way for animals to survive the weather, but at least they’re taken care of.

We to create Definitely That They are comfortable And Hot And Is a the roof finished Their The head And Is the meal I Their a little Pete.”

And if your pets must stay outside, try to shelter them from the wind and line their shelters with some kind of hay to keep the inside warm.

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