Dogs Dead, Missing, Injured in Care of NYC Sitter: Client



She is a dog’s worst friend.

At least five dogs have died, been injured or gone missing under the care of Marlene Cordova — a Queens woman who runs an unlicensed dog-sitting business out of her Bayside apartment — from rabid dogs. According to the owners.

“Marlene killed my dog,” Kobe Davidson commented on Jan. 8 in response to a Facebook post on the Nassau County Lost and Found pet page, which anonymously asks other dog owners. Cordova warned against hiring a dog sitter.

According to text messages between Davidson and Kelly Brach, a professional pet tracker obtained by The Post, Cordova admitted to the dog’s owner that she had left a piece of watermelon behind when she left her home. , which her pooch ate, causing the dog to suffocate.

“I didn’t know anyone else had the same experience,” Davidson wrote on Facebook. “I can’t give all the details here but we got a settlement from his insurance company which obviously is never enough to replace him in our hearts.”

Binet Pablo’s world was turned upside down — and her Australian vacation cut short — when Cordova informed her on Dec. 28 that her beloved 4-year-old Australian Shepherd, Ozzie, was missing.

Marilyn Cordova runs an unlicensed dog-sitting business out of her Bayside, Queens apartment. Facebook

After catching an early flight home, Pablo, 35, went straight to the 217th Street home in Cordova where he’d left Ozzie to see him on countless occasions since he was first spotted by pet-care app Rover in 2019. But Cordova’s dog-sitting profile was found. .

“At that point, I had no reason to be suspicious because I had used it before, so there was that trust,” the East Elmhurst resident told The Post.

First, Córdova tells Pablo that Ozzy has escaped from her house – possibly through a door she left unlocked – while she was away, and that she has searched the area for him. did a thorough search, called nearby animal and animal shelters, and alerted neighbors of his disappearance.

Binit Pablo was devastated when her 4-year-old Australian Shepherd went missing in Ozzie Cordova’s care. Helen Seidman
Pablo had left Ozzie for Cordova to see countless times since the dog-sitting profile was found on the rover in 2019. Thanks Binit Pabla.

But Pabla became suspicious of her events after making inquiries about Ozzie at nearby businesses and residences, “and no one had any idea a dog was missing,” she said. When she called vets and shelters, “it was the first time they were hearing about my dog.

“He didn’t say anything,” Pablo said.

Several days later, after Cordova stopped responding to Pablo’s messages, she hired Brach, who used sniffer dogs to track Ozzy’s scent.

The city Department of Health is “investigating” a complaint that she is illegally operating a dog boarding business on a residential property, a health department spokeswoman said. Dennis A. Clark

The dogs’ response indicates that “Ozi didn’t leave the block on foot,” Brach explained.

“We still don’t know what happened to Ozzy and we don’t know where he is, even if he’s alive,” Pablo lamented.

Other incidents of dogs allegedly disappearing and injured while in Cordova’s care include:

  • Boozer, a 12-year-old Peterdale terrier, has never been found since going missing from Cordova’s home in July 2021, according to Bayside’s owner at the time and social media posts.
  • Alex Abramoff’s 12-year-old Russell terrier mix, Barkley, suffered three pelvic fractures in February 2022 when he was allegedly hit by a car after he inexplicably escaped from his Cordova home.
  • Shirt Cohen’s 7-month-old lion, Gator, received five stitches in his mouth in February 2022 after he was allegedly attacked by another dog, Cordova, at his home.

Cordova declined to comment.

Shirt Cohen’s 7-month-old lion, Gator, received five stitches in his mouth after being attacked by another dog, which Cordova was also watching at the time. Thanks Sharat Cohen
Sherratt Cohen left the Gators in February 2022 under Cordova’s watch. Dennis A. Clark

A Rover spokeswoman said Cordova was removed from the platform two years ago, but would not provide a reason because of privacy issues.

The city’s health department is “investigating” a complaint that Cordova is illegally operating a dog boarding business on a residential property, a health department spokeswoman said.

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