Dog safe after being pulled from frozen lake

Georgetown Charter Township, Mich. Georgetown Charter Township posted on Facebook Monday. That the dog is safe and sound after falling through the snow at Cedar Lake East.

The post read that Georgetown Twp. The fire department responded to a rescue call from the Ottawa Co. Sheriff’s Department. They also said that the owner tried to save the dog on his own but failed.

Rescue workers arrived from Georgetown Twp. The dive team. They used ropes and surface rescue suits to enter the water. They managed to get the dog back to shore.

The fire department told the township that Hazel, a black Lab, was returning home with her owner.

Credit: Georgetown Charter Township

“The dog was very tired and had snow on his face and nose when we arrived,” Fire Chief DeWitt told the township. “We were thankful that we were able to reunite Hazel with her owner and that no one was injured.”

DeWitt also told the township that people should be extra cautious due to the amount of snow in the area over the past few days and watch out for pets and children who may mistake snow-covered snow for solid ground.

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