Did you know you can keep an alligator as a pet in West Virginia?

Eli the Alligator (WOWK)

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Yes, you can keep a fish as a pet in West Virginia, according to the CEO of the Zoology Zone and Science Center.

CEO Andy McKee said this on February 2, 2024 after bringing Ally the Alligator and some other friends to the West Virginia State Capitol.

“Believe it or not, alligators are legal to keep as pets in West Virginia but part of it is that they are scary pets,” McKee said. “So, people get these animals when they’re very young, they’re cute and they don’t realize they’re huge, dangerous animals.”

You can visit the Zoology Zone in Hurricane. This is the newest location for the West Virginia Reptile House in Cabell County. He said their mission is to educate and inspire conservation.

“So, we’re actually West Virginia’s only reptile and amphibian rescue and local sanctuary,” McKee said. “So we do the same things we do in dog and cat shelters but with reptiles and amphibians.”

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